1. Projects / new fans

  • Sizes up to 2500 mm of inlet duct depending on performance (flow, pressure rise, gas
    density, temperature)
  • Power up to 6 MW

2. Replacement

• Fan replacement deliveries
• Auxiliary equipment and spare parts

3. Retrofit

  • Fan selection for updated
    performance values and new fans
  • Fan modernization retrofits
  • Job supervision / execution

4. Life cycle services

  • Spare parts and service to all radial fans regardless of brand
  • Fan consulting
  • Site services
    Fan maintenance training to our Partners

LEKO Fans centrifugal fans

Naming the fan model

1. LEKO Fans centrifugal fan serial name, “LK”
2. Type of performance range
3. Impeller type
4. Fan size
5. Impeller size
6. Rotation and outlet direction

Industrial Fan Solutions
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Naming the fan model
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MVR performance of LKTR – Cetrifugal Fan Serie

Example performance range for 2-stage radial fan compressor.
LEKO Fans 2-stage centrifugal fan compressor, inlet temp. = 105ºC

Envelope 1-Stage

Envelope 2-stage

LEKO Fans videos