Industrial fan solutions for demanding needs

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Industrial fans and
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Industrial fans and
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Industrial fan solutions for demanding needs

LEKO Fans - Part of LEKO Group

LEKO Fans is a comprehensive manufacturer and supplier of industrial fan services.

Our clientele comprise the building industry, energy industry, pulp and paper industry, chemical industry, metal industry, mining industry and food industry.

Our clientele comprise:

LEKO Fans is a comprehensive manufacturer and supplier of industrial fan services. In addition to new centrifugal fans, our offering includes extensive fan spare parts and installation services.


LEKO Fans product life cycle


Building industry
Energy industry
Pulp and paper industry
Chemical industry
Metal industry
Mining industry
Food industry

1. Design and planning

Rarely does a customer have ready-made drawings or plans for us to work with. It is part of our job to create them based on our own expertise. In other words, we don’t just do the work we are given – we are also responsible for the functionality of the final product.

We study each customer’s material flows and their overall processes. We evaluate different methods of implementation and create a project plan based on our extensive expertise.

2. Welding

All the work phases are carried out in modern workshops using the latest tools.

Each area has its own set of top-class professionals, but our welding and finishing department is especially notable.

3. Machining

LEKO Fans builds on its long-standing history, and while the business has expanded, evolved and diversified, it still today operates under the same mission: to provide high-quality machining services in a purposeful, customer-driven manner.

4. Assembly, finishing

We can implement demanding configurations for our customers and manufacture products on the basis of customer drawings via both component manufacture and complete subcontracting.

5. Delivery

We can deliver large projects, as our four service segments support each other. Together they form a manufacturing chain that reduces the need for customers to rely on multiple subcontractors. Being able to obtain everything needed from the same supplier is always a safer, faster and more sustainable solution for customers than relying on a fragmented system of multiple operators.

6. Maintenance, site services

Expert aftermarket services provide important added value for our customer. In addition to industrial fans, the spare parts service and spare parts deliveries cover all brands. Maintenance / technical services include e.g. fan maintenance / repair work, equipment and condition evaluations, performance measurements and problem solutions for all brands.