Customer-oriented engineering design and planning

Our engineering design is customer-oriented, modern and inventive. Every product we design is carefully tailored to the intended purpose and aimed at maximum durability and functionality.

The 3D technology we use enables various simulations in order to arrive at the best possible solution. We draw on standardised basic solutions, modularity and automation to help speed up lead times, reduce delivery times, and improve cost-efficiency.


The welding shop has the cleanest air in Finland

Welding in the workshop is largely done by solar power and district heating.
In the manufacture of the product, weldability in particular must be taken into account already at the time of designing the product and selecting the materials.
In order to meet the welding requirements, the manufacturer must perform coordinated welding and use only certified welders.

As a guarantee of quality, we have been granted the SFS-EN ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification and the SFS-EN ISO 3834-2 quality system certification.

Machining since 1923

LEKO Fans builds on its long-standing history, and while the business has expanded, evolved and diversified, it still today operates under the same mission: to provide high-quality machining services in a purposeful, customer-driven manner.

We invest resources with a clear focus on machining capacity and comprehensive know-how. We can guarantee our customers the best possible engineering expertise and first-class workmanship.

Our major strength in overall subcontracting is versatility. As a provider of turnkey solutions we can deliver large projects, as our four service segments support each other.

Sub-assembly and complete device assemblies

We manufacture products on the basis of customer drawings via both component manufacture and complete subcontracting, and also in stage-based subcontracting whereby we machine the customer’s own semi-finished products.

“Tailored fans for the customer’s needs” is our motto.

Long experience of industrial fans and fan compressors delivery

The personnel have very long experience in the design, manufacture, maintenance and customer delivery of industrial fans and fan compressors to final destinations, as well as an understanding of the mechanical and aerodynamic performance requirements of radial fan compressors.

Our operations can be divided into five different product lines, the first of which is projects. In projects, the fan delivery package typically includes drives connected to the fan (motor and frequency converter) as well as auxiliary equipment and possibly spare parts.


Maintenance and site services for our products

We also provide maintenance and modernisation services for the components, products and machine parts we manufacture. For example, the lifetime and reliability of industrial fans can be enhanced through regular maintenance such as tightening the shaft seals and cleaning any clogged parts.

We provide condition monitoring, maintenance plans and regular inspections for industrial fans.

The service life of machined parts can be increased by various means, such as surface treatment and modernisation of mechanics.